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Karanja Crews has utilized years of experience as an award-winning educator, veteran former public-school teacher and an adjunct professor of education to become a leading teacherpreneur.

Mr. Crews has a Master’s Degree in Education from Portland State University. After receiving his Masters, he began his educational career by working in the Beaverton Public Schools as a teacher of fifth grade from 2003 to 2007 before switching to the Portland Public School District.

Because of his passion and dedication to education, Mr. Crews has received numerous teaching and community service accolades which include The Martin Luther King Lifetime Achievement Award, the OnPoint Prize for Excellence In Education, The Portland Observer Community Service Award, and The Skanner Drum Major For Justice Award.

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While attending Portland State in 2001, Mr. Crews organized the very first Teaching With Purpose Conference. Inspired by the experience, he then went on to found Conscious Rap, a program that promotes the use of Hip-Hop music as a learning tool to help empower students of all ages. Soon after, Mr. Crews founded the Journey to Freedom Project, a non-profit dedicated to helping African American students who struggle with low literacy and reading proficiency rates. In 2009, the project was able to produce an innovative board game that allows for students to play the role of an enslaved African learning how to read in order to earn their freedom.

After the third successful Teachning With Purpose Conference, in 2014 Mr. Crews created an LLC which allowed for expansion of Teaching With Purpose to now include a monthly lecture series and four events annually.




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