Teach To Empower.

Our Mission

Support an ongoing network of educators, administrators, parents, community members, and students committed to changing the educational school system. 

Our vision

To provide innovative professional learning and educational advocacy that empowers stakeholders to bring change in the educational system.

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Our Founder

A passionate and award-winning educator, Karanja Crews is a veteran former public-school teacher, an adjunct professor of education, and a teacherpreneur.

Mr. Crews received his Master’s Degree in Education from Portland State University. He began his career as an educator in the Beaverton Public Schools where he taught fifth grade from 2003 to 2007 before moving to the Portland Public School District. 
During his teaching career, Mr. Crews has been recognized with numerous

teaching and community service accolades including the Martin Luther King Lifetime Achievement Award, the OnPoint Prize for Excellence in Education, The Portland Observer Community Service Award, and The Skanner Drum Major for Justice Award.
In 2001, while a student at Portland State, Mr. Crews organized the first
Teaching With Purpose Conference. In 2006, he founded Conscious Rap, a program that promotes the use of Hip-Hop music as a tool to empower students. In 2008, he founded the Journey to Freedom Project, a non-profit dedicated to increasing the literacy and reading proficiency rates of African American Students, especially young males. In 2009, the Journey to Freedom Project produced an innovative board game that teaches and stresses the importance of literacy by placing students in the role of an enslaved African attempting to be free by learning how to read. In 2014, after organizing three successful Teaching With Purpose conferences, Mr. Crews took a leave of absence from teaching to develop Teaching With Purpose, LLC, expanding the organization from one annual conference to four annual events and a monthly lecture series.