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Policy Vs. Practice – Why Portland Public Schools Are Failing Students Part 1, Volume 1.0

Statistically, Portland Public Schools have been failing students for many years. Portland schools systemically fail students of color, state audit says.

Schools Need “Assessment for Learning” Practices, not Assessment for Data to Create Political Narratives.

Our Portland teacher union, Portland Association of Teachers (PAT), negotiated more planning time to prepare, teach and monitor lessons and

13th Annual Teaching With Purpose Conference

13th Annual Teaching With Purpose Conference The Annual Teaching With Purpose Conference (TWPC), educates, inspires and informs teachers, administrators, parents,

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Teaching With Purpose Carries On

It was quite a guest list. Dead Prez was there, and Supaman. Dr. Geneva Gay and respected Portland educator Joyce Harris.

Karanja Crews Reflects on Teaching With Purpose Conference

Educator Karanja Crews has a calling to change the way teachers reach their students. Through his 12 years of professional